Bullwood Skirmish Lasertag - the finest outdoor lasert tag in the South East!

Wow, Bullswood hots the most awesome outdoor lasertag events in the South East. Catering for ages 7 and upwards, just check out our Starr Warrs themed game Zones "Forest Of Blendor" and "Daygobah", featuring a huge ATST Walker, X Wing Starfighter and appearances from R2D2 and Yoda himself!

To book your exiting Lasertag Party at Bullswood call Clare or Tom direct on 01342 870870 or email skirmish@globalnet.co.uk today!

***Just check out the above pics of lasertag at Bullswood***

Skirmish Lasertag Locations:

High Wycombe

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Welcome to Skirmish Laser Tag - home of the finest outdoor Laser Tag in the UK!

Lasertag utilizes harmless infra-red technology built into laser guns to create realistic and exciting gaming. In its simplest form, you shoot at other Lasertaggers, who wear small sensors which register hits and near misses - but the range, accuracy and programmability means a range of scenarios - team games, flag capture, last-man-standing etc. can be played - usually in our woodland environment - just plain awesome!

Laser Tag details:

Lasertag has no impact - so here at Skirmish Lasertag we cater for ages 7 and up (venue depending) and makes for a birthday party to remember - Stag parties, Hen-do`s, Company outings - Lasertag is just plain awesome! Each Lasertag session is typically around 2 hours long and, unlike paintballing, the ammo is unlimited so you can blast away as much as you like without any additional costs! As there is no paint being thrown around, Lasertaggers move from one exciting gamezone to another with no need to return to base area to clean up - giving you more game time for your money!

Lasertag Gaming:

The programming of Lasertag equipment helps re-create many game features only found in computer gaming - features such as multiple lives, armour, regenertation, machine guns and sniper rifles are all incorporated to make sure your Lasertag game is best ever! Like in computer gaming, when you take a hit, your equipment shuts down for a few seconds, allowing you time to take cover - when you have been hit a set number of times you are out of that game - or, if re-generation is being played, you return to that gamezones base before re-spawning and getting stuck into the game! Each Lasertag session is fully marshalled by our professional and fun staff - they are on hand at all times to explain game objectives, look after any safety issues and ensure you all have great days Lasertag!

Lasertag Game Zones:

Skirmish Laser Tag differs from other Lasertag venues because our gamezones are outdoors in stunning woodland settings - this means trees, bushes, ditches, buildings, towers and space - lots of space! Each gamezone will have its own objective - it could be storming a Fortress, Capture The Flag, Last Man Standing or many others - we will explain to everyone before each game the objectives, time limits and key features - so you and your troops can get down to tactics!

Lasertag - how to book:

Just click on your choosen Lasertag venue from the map above, check out the details then contact your Skirmish Lasertag venue directly - we are all owner/operated venues so you now you will be in safe hands right from the start!

Skirmish Laser Tag - the finest Lasertag venues in the UK!